I want to share an scenario while applying/upgrading from Older version to new version on SQL server 2008R2.

Patch was trying to apply :- SQL 2008R2 SP2 to SP3.
Windows :- windows server 2008R2 Standard

Issue ->You might can face an below problems while applying SP upgrade (or) wait for the server to come online(pre reboot or post reboot)

A)You have started the SP upgrade and your window stucks at the initial stage of the rules checking i,e-

it stucks at “Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service”.

B)Before you apply of SUP upgrade consider you have reboote the box and the server takes longer longer time(c1 or 2hour) and stucks in the “Apply group policy settings……” similar after post reboot (this concept is only for the windows not for our sql upgrade , the sql upgrade is applies for A)).

so worked with an OS team, we able to understand what is causing
1.The WMI service is fine
2.No errors reproted in the errorlogs/eventlogs

how ever there is an File(related to windows, iam not an windows expert) at the OS level it’s for the WMI data -this has been increased the size of 4GB and the path is as below-

C:\windows\system32\wbem\Repository\OBJECTS.DATA – so this OBJECTS.DATA is occupied 4GB.

windows team confirmed there is an work around(it might be an bug ,iam not sure)

work around ->Windows will purge this data with an 2 or 3 reboots required for the servers.

for this activity we have stopped sql server services and put it manual, they have purged & the size reduces to
finally we have started the sql & put it to automatic then we started the SP upgrade & those all went fine like Bullet train.

Thank you!